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Specializing in Data Warehousing and Data Warehouse Automation, the Data Vault Shop helps data warehousing teams speed up the delivery of high-quality, auditable data to customers, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

With experience as a WhereScape customer, employee and now as a WhereScape partner, The Data Vault Shop offers your organization the knowledge and expertise needed to supercharge your use of WhereScape software.

Learn more today about JumpStart for WhereScape® Data Vault Express™ and start to fast-track the delivery of your next data warehouse.

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Who is The Data Vault Shop?

I’m Kevin Marshbank, CEO and Principal Consultant of The Data Vault Shop, and this is my story:

I first discovered and experienced the Data Vault methodology in 2008 as a data warehouse architect within a large software company. Charged with evaluating whether or not to fix or replace an existing data warehouse, I came across four articles that Dan Linstedt, founder of Data Vault, wrote for The Data Administrator Newsletter.

Deciding a replacement was the best path forward, my medium-sized data warehousing team built a large, multi-tenant v. 1.0 Data Vault with the help of these articles and a very early book Dan had published.  The Data Vault benefits of auditability, extensibility, and scalability our team experienced made a Data Vault believer out of me quickly.

Along our journey, I also discovered data warehouse automation and WhereScape software. After a move to another company, I introduced WhereScape through a proof of concept, purchased the software, and then used WhereScape automation to greatly accelerate a Data Vault 2.0 implementation this time – quickly outpacing my previous team’s efforts with a fraction of the developers needed.

That experience was a turning point for me – I knew I would never, ever create another data warehouse by hand. Data Warehouse Automation was my future and is THE WAY to help data warehousing teams deliver more value to their organizations quicker.

Soon after, I became an independent WhereScape consultant and later a WhereScape-employed Solutions Architect. Through these roles, I expanded my understanding, experience and applications of WhereScape automation for the organizations I’ve helped to boost their data warehousing capabilities.  I’ve helped teams to implement WhereScape and Data Vault 2.0 solutions on Snowflake, Microsoft® SQL Server, Microsoft Azure Synapse (PDW/APS/Azure DW), Oracle, Teradata, Amazon Redshift and DB2.

Now, through The Data Vault Shop, I’m fortunate to be able to partner with WhereScape and continue to help WhereScape customers to get the most out of their data warehouse automation investment and to be quicker and more successful in implementing Data Vault 2.0 solutions.

I’m ready to help you successfully deliver on the longstanding promise of data warehousing – a single-source of truth for your enterprise.

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